Quality Wolves:
Excellent Produce

Creating iOS, Android and web apps.
And hardware solutions too.

Here's what we do:
Web apps
We develop online stores, platforms for viewing and posting videos, delivery and order tracking services from scratch
iOS / Android apps
Engage customers in the App Store and Google Play: we create social networks, video services, fitness trackers
So darn good they make you wanna stick it in others' faces.
Helping your clients to see your product from all possible sides and scream 'Oh boy, oh boy!'. Since 2012.
Business Automation
Any industry, any vertical. We will reduce the amount of routine and help you focus on new tasks
Research & Development
Complex, Advanced, Fast. We are exploring new opportunities for your business at the junction of technology
Featured projects
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What makes us so special?
We make problems puff.. disapear
Project? Done. Business Problem? Solved. Cost of Delay? Handled. Feed money to the coders – and they pop out more money in return. That's some wicked magic here.
Focus on your main business – we'll handle the rest
We've been outsourcing before it was cool, cuz we believe in outsourcing as a future of the economy. Focus on your main business and let us handle all the development stuff for you.
No more noobs on your project
We are team of highly-skilled Senior-level developers, we simply never hire Juniors or Middles in Quality Wolves. So you can be sure only PROs are working on your project and they love doing it.
We are stable and predictable
We are very precise in estimations and crazy-pedantic about deadlines. You can be sure that we respond within a day and never miss a scheduled meeting.
So, what can we do for you?
A working prototype
Proof of Concept, Minimum Viable Product, Prototype, Demo. In 2 hours, in 8 hours, in a week.
Ongoing agile development
Regular custom agile development (web, mobile, database)
Hardware solution
Yes, we can. Microprocessor development, MQTT, plug-in connection to cars
Any algorythm
Complex, Advanced, Fast.
IoT Solution
IoT, bluetooth, wifi connectivity
Research and development (RND) of new technologies
By the way, check our Upwork account for reviews and completed projects. We kinda proud of it.
Our clients love us
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