The most innovative contact exchange and management app
A start-up is not your usual coding project. You spark an idea, catch some traction, and jump into action. It's a seething wolverine soup of competitors, where agility means way more than strategy, and where you rely on hunches instead of a vision. You engage all of your professional competencies to paddle through this sink-or-swim, zero-visibility environment and tackle surprise deadlines; you must cull dead-end ideas with no pity and yet clutch to a working version at all times. No docs. No specifications. Raw skills.

We've outdone ourselves here. Swapp is a whole new philosophy of interaction management, embodied in a sleek, innovative and massively usable app. Powered by AI and DML, it's packed with a full range of contact management features, including QR-code exchange, privacy controls, updates, remote deletion, and much more. No wonder it's been a raving success at the Y-Combinator Startup School 2018.

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