Invoice and Payroll application
A neat, smart all-around app that blankets your payroll management needs, no matter where you are, grabbing a meal with business partners or operating a forklift. Stay in control: track working hours, approve time sheets, monitor budgets, or catch staff shortages. Normally, you'd need a swarm of heavy-duty accounting and staff management tools that would keep you glued to your desktop throughout a good part of your workday. Not anymore: it's all at your fingertips now in a tailored paperless environment.

With your average agency (you know, you've talked to these guys), you will be lucky if they bill you for ten thousand man-hours for a project of this magnitude.

It took us only 2000 man-hours, and yeah, we are mighty proud of it.

This is the difference between Quality Wolves and junior developers you are typically paying for

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