Voice Broadcasting app
Say you need an app where you tap a button and those slackers at the back of the conference room can hear you loud and clear. Tap and talk. Just like that. What could possibly go wrong?

The seeming simplicity is ensnaring. Take your basic developer tools and tackle the task. Sooner than later, you are beginning to see the bleak prospects of being stranded beyond all deadlines and budgets with a memory-eating monster that echoes like crazy and crashes every second time you've got more than 5 listeners latched to the lecture.

Quality Wolves to the rescue!

We rewrite the key system parts (God bless WebRTC and Kurrento) and scout for the best algorithms out there, tuning them for the optimal performance. Echo cancelling – check. No sound delays – check!

A bucketful of different devices, multiple environment, stress tests – the new app comes through with flying colors. What you've got is the best solution on the market for tour guides, master classes, conferences and seminars with no need for any special equipment whatsoever. Tap and speak away!

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